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Welcome to Intifada-Offspring.org. Here you will find information about international design topics. From architecture to industrial design, we will discuss and exhibit works from designers around the world. Design can mean many things to many people but here we plan to discuss the topics that are relevant to you. In that respect we want to hear from you and as we post content and images let us know if you want to see more of what we are doing or if you want to see something different.

Unlike other websites that have a predetermined list of topics to discuss we will focus on our readers and provide information that is relevant to our audience. This is a place for you to discover designers that you may not have heard about, not the typical Richard Meier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Khan, and other top architecture designers you have undoubtedly heard of. This site is dedicated to the lesser known designers and the up and coming designers that you may not know about but should.

We will chronicle different individuals and companies in the design world and also look at their works. If you know of designers that we should be discussing feel free to contact us and leave their information and we’ll be sure to do our research and if they are suitable, include them in our post. In addition if there are articles or post you feel we need to discuss or topics we need to touch on feel free to let us know and we will be more than happy to include these features in future post. As we have stated this site is about our readers and we aim to engage you throughout this site.

Looking at the featured image you can see arches leading to the outside view which looks different from every arch. This is how the world of design is as well. Every person views design in different ways but if we can help people appreciate all aspects of design then when looking at the world, people can start to understand the perspective of others and this can in turn help people better understand other cultures and why they do the things they do. If we learn to understand people better many of the problems we face in this world can be overcome because of a mutual respect and understanding of the other.

So join us on this designers journey of discovery and find out how the world can be a better place through art and design when we view things from a different perspective.

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